About TechVoices

TechVoices is a tech conference diversity initiative.

We work with:

Over its existence, TechVoices has been a significant contributor of new voices and high-quality content to international tech conferences, particularly in testing, quality and teamwork topics.

Programs #

TechVoices runs two programs at no cost to the aspiring speaker.

We encourage our aspiring speakers to level through to their International Conference by doing local meetups, local conferences and online webinars and we are happy to channel these opportunities to our aspiring speakers through our newsletter.

With limited mentor availability, we prioritize under-indexed people in-demand for international conferences

TechVoices is a volunteer organization and finding a mentor may take a while. Get matched early to submit to our partner conferences to ensure mentor's help.

Conference Partnership #

TechVoices partners with conferences seeking underindexed and new speakers.

What Does It Mean?

How To Get Your Conference Included

Sponsoring and Voluntary Fees #

TechVoices raises money through voluntary fees for finding underindexed and new speakers, to be used for running the operation and offering travel scholarships.

Sponsoring TechVoices to be visible in our channels is also available.

For questions, contact TechVoices.

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