Agile Testing Days USA TechVoices Track

Agile Testing Days USA

Agile Testing Days USA 2020 presents: A TechVoices Track built in Collaboration between the conference and TechVoices! Seeking 1st time speakers from South America, USA and Canada.

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The Basics

The general call for proposals for Agile Testing Days USA 2020 in Chicago, Illinois, USA is closed and the TechVoices track building for the conference starts. While the regular talks are being scheduled, we seek a track of 9 talks of new voices from the Americas. The call this time limits to seek people from South America, USA and Canada.

Talk slots we look to fill are 30 minutes. For accepted speakers, conference pays travel&hotel capped to a limit and TechVoices scholarships are used to add to enabling this so that speakers on this track don't pay their travel costs. If childcare at home is what blocks your speaking, that is also something we can work together to organize so that you could bring your voice to this conference.

What: Agile Testing Days USA 2020
When & Where: June 21-25th, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Speaker Benefits: free attendance, travel&hotel paid, financial aid for other blocking issues such as childcare in collaboration of the conference & TechVoices Scholarships
How to Submit: schedule a call by Nov 7th.

How is this call different?

The regular track accepts people based on their writing a proposal. This track accepts people based on their ideas that we talk about, and helps shape up the writing and presentation.

In practice this means that to submit, you schedule a call with TechVoices facilitator Maaret Pyhäjärvi. All you really need at this point is an inkling of wanting to become a speaker when helped, an idea of what you might speak on and within the 15 minute call, we can already shape it a little to understand the idea we are considering. For ones selected, we can then work on the actual title and abstract text needed for the program. Even when not selected, the call gives you an idea of how to shape up your ideas, starting with the guiding principle: all your ideas are great, not all fit on one program.


Submit your idea by scheduling a call that takes place by November 7th

Selections announced to Speakers by November 9th

Finalizing titles and proposals into the conference system by November 15th

Track contents published by the conference we week of November 17th and public celebration of acceptances can start.

Note that since this process is call based, you cannot leave the call on the last day. There is a limited amount of discussion slots for each day, and finding that 15 minutes now is what we hope you will do!

Who are we looking for

This track gives extra helps for new speakers, with the idea that we want to enable the conference participants learn from experiences that are not otherwise available.

You are who we seek if you are:

We know different backgrounds deliver stories on stage differently. If we can extend some of our privilege to your use through this track, that would delight us. We need you to make your existence known. Even if you did not end up selected, having a good discussion with the TechVoices track facilitator Maaret should be ok use of 15 minutes of your time, getting to know someone online in a video call.

What are waiting for, schedule your discussion now!

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