Announcing Selenium Conference India Collaboration

Selenium Conference India 2020 has joined forces with TechVoices for extending the proposals at their reach. Together we have set up an experimental process we try with this conference TechVoices proposals to offer better support for TechVoices Speakers.

To get help in finetuning your proposals with TechVoices, we use ConfEngine placeholder conference TechVoices as a playground for preparing your talks from just a working title and idea to a full-fletched talk proposal that can be submitted to Selenium Conference India with just few clicks when ready.

In addition to preparing your submission for this conference, ConfEngine gives you a possibility to build a public portfolio of your talks. The accepted TechVoices talk shows in your personal portfolio we hope to over time grow to wider than this experimentation partner conference.

For this call, we seek not only TechVoices Speakers (1st timers), but also TechVoices practitioners (few talks under their belt, max 5) and TechVoices Professionals (working up to a keynote). Add your sessions here, and we improve them together for use of any conferences you may wish to submit them to.

What: Selenium Conference India 2020

When: Selenium Conference India 2020, June 18th - 20th

Conference type: International - open for speakers from all locations

Speaker Benefits (for sessions >45 min):

How to Submit: TechVoices Playground

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