TechVoices 2.0

TechVoices is about to start a new chapter under a new leadership team, that wishes to pay tribute to the great initiative.

TechVoices 2.0 will:

One way we are supporting people is by identifying the different stages on their journey as a speaker. We are currently looking at 3 different levels of experience:

For partner conference submissions, mention you are with TechVoices if you are either TechVoices Speaker, if you have been assigned or requested a mentor but are awaiting a mentor assignment.

New leadership team is Ash Coleman (USA), Abby Bangser (UK) and Maaret Pyhäjärvi (Finland). Join us in helping take TechVoices forward. We are looking forward to work with speakers, mentors, and organizers of conferences, meetups and webinars. Get in touch!

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